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Alabama Accountability Act

  • Alabama Accountability Act

The Alabama Accountability Act established a scholarship program for low income students to attend public or private schools. Tax-deductible donations for scholarships are managed by Scholarship Granting Organizations (SGO).

Guidance, Governing Laws and Rules

Scholarship Granting Organizations

Reserving Tax Credits by Indicating Donations to Scholarship Granting Organizations

  • Reserving a tax credit requires the use of ALDOR’s online portal for taxpayers, My Alabama Taxes. Taxpayers who have not previously set up an account will need to sign up for My Alabama Taxes.
  • When signing up for My Alabama Taxes, individual taxpayers will need to select Individual Income Tax as their account type and then enter their Social Security number along with their Adjusted Gross Income from the prior year’s tax return.


  • Taxpayers may use their existing My Alabama Taxes account to reserve a portion of the available tax credit.
  • Once logged into My Alabama Taxes, a taxpayer will need to select SGO Donation from the menu on the left margin of the page and follow a short series of instructions/steps to record their donation and reserve their portion of the credit.
  • Individual taxpayers needing assistance with signing up for a My Alabama Taxes account or with reserving a tax credit may call 334-353-0602 or 334-353-9770.
  • Corporate taxpayers needing assistance with signing up for a My Alabama Taxes Account or with reserving a tax credit may call 334-242-1200.

Participating Non-Public Schools

AAA Forms

Annual Report – Form SGO

Quarterly Report – Form SGO-Q

Notice of Intent to Participate

Non-Public Schools Removed from Program

Based on requirements for participation in the Alabama Accountability Act as a qualified school, this listing will be updated as information is received and verified by ALDOR. All interested parties should check this listing prior to any enrollment/admission and/or scholarship issuance.