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What if I need to contact the IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service in Alabama?
Where can I locate the various tax forms for filing on your website?
What forms of documentation should I submit to prove that I was not an Alabama resident?
How can I have a tax lien removed from my credit report?
Can Taxpayer Advocacy adjust my payment plan that is set by the Collection Services Division?
Can Taxpayer Advocacy stop a Federal refund offset?
Can Taxpayer Advocacy release a lien?
Can I appeal a preliminary assessment to Taxpayer Advocacy?
Can I appeal a final order from the Alabama Tax Tribunal?
What is a Taxpayer Assistance Order?
What assistance can be given if I do not have documentation?
How does the appeal process work?
How do I make a request for appeal to the Taxpayer Assistance Officer?
Where do I go to make tax payments such as individual, pass-thru, business privilege and corporate tax?
If I am not a resident of Alabama, but earned income from Alabama sources, am I required to file an Alabama tax return?
If I am a resident of Alabama, but work in another state or country, am I required to file an Alabama tax return?
Does Taxpayer Advocacy grant innocent spouse relief?
I want to establish a payment plan. Can I do that in the Office of Taxpayer Advocacy?
Can Taxpayer Advocacy stop a garnishment?
Can penalties be waived?
Can interest be waived?
When do the appeal rights for a final assessment expire?
If I receive a final assessment, can I appeal to Taxpayer Advocacy?
What does “rescinded” mean?
How will I be notified of the outcome of my appeal?
What is the purpose of the Taxpayer Assistance Officer?
What are Taxpayer Advocacy hours of operation?
Are you required to be an Alabama resident to apply for an Alabama dealer regulatory license?
How do I obtain an Alabama Motor Vehicle Dealer License?
What are the dealer license fees?
Who is required to be licensed?
Can I bring my dealer license application to the MVD office and get the license the same day?
What are the bonding requirements?
What are the insurance requirements?
What is the processing time for a dealer license?
Where do I get the forms to complete? (bond and insurance form)