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Applying for Dismantler License
Who is an Automotive Dismantler & Part Recycler?
Are there any restrictions on the number of dealer, dealer transit and manufacturer plates that can be obtained?
How do I obtain an Alabama Dealer, Dealer Transit and Manufacturer License Plate?
Lost, stolen, mutilated or damaged dealer and dealer transit plates?
What are permissible uses of dealer transit plates?
What are the prohibited uses of dealer and dealer transit plates?
Who qualifies for each type of license plate?
How do I become a designated agent?
Are you required to be an Alabama resident to apply for an Alabama dealer regulatory license?
Can I bring my dealer license application to the MVD office and get the license the same day?
How do I obtain an Alabama Motor Vehicle Dealer License?
What are the bonding requirements?
What are the dealer license fees?
What is the processing time for a dealer license?
Where do I get the forms to complete? (bond and insurance form)
Who is required to be licensed?
What are the requirement for an off-site license?
What do I need to do if I move from my licensed location?
What is my password? (for dealer license renewals only)
What is my username? (for dealer license renewals only)
What do I have to do to become a licensed rebuilder?
I did not own my vehicle prior to salvage. How do I apply for a rebuilt inspection?
Where do I apply for an Alabama certificate of title?