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Debit Block - How do I make a payment for ACH Debit method e-payments?
Are pass-through entities that elect to pay the Electing Pass-Through Entity Tax required to make estimated tax payments?
How do I make an estimate payment?
What if a PTE makes estimated payments and does ultimately not make the election to be an Electing PTE for this tax year?
How do I make a Payment for Medical Cannabis Privilege Tax?
What information is needed in order to log-on the system to make a payment?
If returns were previously remitted under one tax type (C-corporation form 20c) and an election was made to convert to another tax type (S-corporation form 20s), will I be able to make payments under my new election?
Why is the system not giving me the option to make my payment?
If I file multiple returns, can I make a single payment?
What if I make a payment now, then later I discover an error or locate additional buydowns?
How do I make a supplemental payment?
Debit Block - How do I make a payment for ACH Debit method e-payments?
Where do I go to make tax payments such as individual, pass-thru, business privilege and corporate tax?
If I eFile, how do I make a payment?
Electronic Payment Options Available
Is there a composite return for partnerships with non-resident members?
When are corporations required to pay electronically?
When is electronic funds transfer (EFT) filing required?
Can a non-resident opt out of the composite filing?
Will the Alabama Department of Revenue notify the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Bureau of the Fiscal Service-Debt Management of any changes to my balance for payments I make to the Alabama Department of Revenue?
Does Alabama require estimated tax payments for financial institutions?
How can I pay what I owe using EFT?
How do I make a Payment for Business Privilege Tax?
How do I make a payment, can I pay online?
How can I avoid having my federal income tax refund intercepted for payment of my state tax debt?
How do I make a payment on My Alabama Taxes (MAT)?
Can I apply for an extension to file my return?
Can I pay my income taxes due with a credit card?
Can I pay my income taxes online?
I made a payment in error to the incorrect tax type (estimate, return, billing), tax year or made two-payments. How do I get this corrected or get a refund for my payment in error?
Can I make installment payments?
How do I make a payment to the Collection Services Division?