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FAQ Categories: Liability Insurance

Why did I receive a MLI Notice of Suspension (NOS)?

An MLI verification notice is mailed to the address on the vehicle registration and/or emailed (if email address is available) to registrants asking for proof of insurance coverage for the vehicle on the verification date. If no response is received after 30 days from the MLI verification notice, the license

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What if I determine there was a VIN or policy number discrepancy which cannot be resolved to where my insurer will return a correct “Confirmed” response through the online system?

The insurer should be asked to visit www.besuretoinsureal.com to provide the department confirmation of coverage on the vehicle for the requested verification date as shown on the verification notice. The confirmation should be provided on the insurer letterhead and submitted from the insurer’s email address indicating the response is being

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Where do I pay the MLI reinstatement fee?

The registrant should visit their local licensing official to pay the required reinstatement fee ($200 for first suspension; $400 for second and subsequent suspensions) and provide evidence of current Alabama liability insurance coverage.

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How does the state confirm insurance coverage?

The Department of Revenue selects registrations of motor vehicles for which insurance could not be confirmed (verified) using OIVS to determine if the owners are maintaining liability insurance in accordance with the MLI law by the following methods: The department reviews motor vehicle registrations using a real time verification process

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