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Does Alabama issue electronic lien and title (ELT)?
What is the duration of a tax lien?
How can I have a tax lien removed from my credit report?
Can Taxpayer Advocacy release a lien?
What is a lien?
The Department of Revenue recently sent a Notice of Final Assessment to my client who is in bankruptcy. Why? Is this not a violation of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code?
When is a tax lien effective against other creditors?
When will the Department of Revenue terminate a tax lien?
My client has received a Notice from the Department of Revenue that a lien has been entered in the county probate office real property records. What does this mean?
What is the duration of a sales and use tax lien?
If I purchase a used car from a dealer or individual owner, am I responsible for the unpaid taxes of the previous owner?
Most of my business equipment has been fully depreciated on my income tax return; do I still list these items on the personal property return?
How do I correct an Alabama title or a title assignment?
If the lienholder information is not provided in the assignment, will the title application be rejected by the department?
Is a physical Alabama address required for the owner on the application?
The lienholder’s name on the application is listed as Bank Loans NA and in the assignment is listed as Bank Loans. Would the title application be rejected by the department for this?
How do you cancel a manufactured home as real property?
How do I apply for a replacement title?
My lienholder is currently holding an out of state certificate of title to my vehicle. How can I apply for Alabama certificate of title when I do not have the outstanding certificate of title to surrender?
I satisfied a lien that was on my vehicle and received the Alabama certificate of title with the lien released on the certificate of title. However, I lost the title. Why do I need a lien release in order to apply for a replacement Alabama certificate of Title?
What are the filing requirements when filing on behalf of an employer or withholding agent.
In situations where our clients do not e-File the federal return, will the state allow the Alabama return to be paper filed?
In situations where our clients do not e-File the federal return, will the state allow the Alabama return to be paper filed?.
Can I set up a payment plan?
Does Alabama offer a payment plan option?