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At what point is the wholesale oil /import license fee due?
What products are subject to the wholesale oil/import license fee?
What is the wholesale oil license fee rate?
As a licensed Alabama supplier/permissive selling dyed diesel fuel and/or dyed kerosene at a terminal rack outside of Alabama with the destination of the product being Alabama, am I responsible for the Alabama inspection fee?
If I am a licensed supplier or permissive supplier and I sell gasoline or undyed diesel to a licensed exempt entity at the terminal rack and the licensed exempt entity is listed as the purchaser on the terminal issued shipping document, then am I required to collect the inspection fee from the licensed exempt entity?
If I was licensed with Agriculture and Industries prior to October 1, 2016, and I only sell gasoline and undyed diesel fuel, will I need to get a bonded distributor permit with the department of revenue for the inspection fee?
Is a license required for CNG/LNG?
How do I apply for a license for the Alabama Terminal Excise Tax (Motor Fuels)?
Can my license be revoked?
What are the grounds for denial of a license?
What are the license fees?
What are the bond requirements for each license?
If I am a licensed distributor transporting my own product, am I required to have a transporter’s license?
Who is required to be licensed?
What is required on the State of Alabama Business License in order to obtain the contractor’s certificate of exemption?
We are a subcontractor working under a general contractor, is a license required from the State of Alabama Licensing Board for General Contractor’s?
What licenses and permits are necessary and what are the fees?
Do I need a city license?
Where do I buy the license?
When is the license due?
What is a privilege license?
What other licenses am I required to have?
Am I required to obtain a surety bond when registering for a new sales tax license?
What information is required to complete the annual Alabama Tax License renewal?
Does it cost anything to renew my Alabama Tax Account License?
Where do I renew my Alabama Tax License?
When can I renew my Alabama Tax License?
Will I be mailed my new Alabama Tax Account License?
What happens if I do not renew my Alabama Tax Account License during the allowed time?
Can my accountant or third-party tax filer renew my Tax Account License?
Is the Tax Account License the same as the business license renewed in October each year?
Do I have to renew my Alabama Tax Account License?
What is the cost to make application for Alabama certificate of title?
I did not own my vehicle prior to salvage. How do I apply for a rebuilt inspection?
How do I make a commitment to purchase for a proposed new license plate category?
Who do I contact for a refund if the license plate does not meet the minimum number for production?
I just acquired a vehicle. How many days do I have to title and register this vehicle?
What are the prerequisites for registering a vehicle in Alabama?
What do I have to do to become a licensed rebuilder?
Why did I receive a MLI Notice of Suspension (NOS)?
If I move out of Alabama and register my vehicle in another jurisdiction, am I required to return the license plate to the State of Alabama?
I purchased a vehicle overseas and will be shipping it to the United States. How do I title and register the vehicle in Alabama?
Where do I apply for an Alabama certificate of title?
What is the fee to transfer a license plate?
When I sell or otherwise dispose of my vehicle, does the license plate remain on the vehicle?
How do I obtain a personalized license plate?
How do I apply for a new distinctive license plate category?
How do I determine how close an organization is to meeting their requisite plate sales?
My lienholder is currently holding an out of state certificate of title to my vehicle. How can I apply for Alabama certificate of title when I do not have the outstanding certificate of title to surrender?
I received a request for insurance verification on a vehicle that was stored or not working and thus was uninsured. How do I respond to the verification notice?
What do I do if I did not have insurance on the verification date?
I do not have my Pre-commitment Receipt or Redemption Voucher, what do I do?
Am I required to pay the registration fees for the entire year if my registration has been revoked?
Is the registrant required to prove that he/she has liability insurance when registering a motor vehicle?
Where do I go to register my motor vehicle in Alabama?
Is there a charge to use IRP/IFTA eFile?
How do I obtain disability access parking credentials?
How many license plates were issued last year?
In which situations does the state of Alabama charge a delinquent penalty for the registration of a motor vehicle?
In what months are license plates renewed?
Are you required to be an Alabama resident to apply for an Alabama dealer regulatory license?
Are all distinctive license plates available to the general public?
How do I obtain an Alabama Motor Vehicle Dealer License?
What is the fee for a personalized license plate?
What are the dealer license fees?
What types of vehicles are permitted to display distinctive and personalized license plates?
Who is required to be licensed?
How does the state confirm insurance coverage?
Applying for Dismantler License
What do I do if I sold the vehicle I received the insurance verification request for prior to the date for verification?
Requirements for Dismantler License
Why did I receive a MLI Verification Notice when I already paid the ticket for no insurance?
Who is required to be licensed? (Dismantler)
Am I required to pay the registration and annual additional ($50.00) fee if I am attempting to register a vehicle for which the registration has been revoked?